It's been a week since People Mover buses underwent one of the biggest changes people have seen in years. While many still find the new system frustrating, some riders said they have seen improvements.

The mixed reactions are no surprise to People Mover director Abul Hassan who said he expected a rocky start.

"The first week was a bit chaotic," said Hassan. "A lot of people woke up on Monday and they thought this wasn't going to happen or that there was going to be a delay of some sort. We said we were going to deliver on October 23rd and we did exactly that."

But Hassan said all those changes implemented on a single day have made for a big learning curve. A curve that isn't just for riders, it's also for drivers. Hassan said that applies to drivers on the system's new smaller buses, called "feeder buses", that now run neighborhood routes.

"These are brand new drivers, Monday was their first day on the job," said Hassan. "We are having to acclimate them to the system."

Drivers are getting more training according to Hassan. And behind the scenes, dispatchers are also working to keep the new routes on time. Dispatchers sitting behind a large computer screen track every bus in the city, making sure none arrive too early or too late.

Hassan said despite the challenges, he believes things are slowly getting better. He thanks riders for their patience.

"We realize it's not perfect, but it's improving incrementally. And if there is an inconvenience that we've provided to you we would be very happy to hear how we could make that up to you," he said.

Hanson said people with questions or concerns can call the customer service number at 343-6543 to speak to a real person or submit them online.

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