Republican Representative Don Young held a knife to the throat of John Boehner, the former Speaker of the House-- that's according to an interview Boehner gave to Politico that was posted to their site Monday morning. 

In the interview, Boehner recalled a time that Young, who was reportedly upset over the ban on earmarks, held a 10-inch knife to the former Speaker's throat and pinned him to a wall inside the House chamber. 

Boehner says he looked Young straight in the eyes and said, "F*** you."

Congressman Young said, in response:

"That's mostly a true story, but it's also one of those tall tales from the House floor. This was some of the friendly back and forth banter John and I had over a few decades, but it was never anything serious. Had it been, I'm sure you would've heard about it long before now. John actually loves this story, I've heard him tell it multiple times -- once at my wedding in 2015 as my Best Man. Each and every time, that knife gets a little bigger and gets a little bit closer. One thing is true, the story always ends with an 'F' you."

(Rep. Don Young's Office)

This isn't the first time Young and knives have been synonymous; The Hill reports the Alaska Republican pulled out a knife on the House floor in 1988 when a lawmaker discussed a bill that would've cut into Alaska's logging profits. 

Information from The Washington Times contributed to this report.