Relatable, positive and passionate; it’s how students describe Allison Stengel.

“I actually love middle school, it’s great,” Stengel said. “Especially when I watch these kids grow from sixth, seventh and eighth grade.”

Stengel teaches language arts at Begich Middle School. She has known she wanted to become a teacher since she was in the second grade. Stengel hopes that along with literature her students pick up a few life lessons along the way.

“They can’t just sit by and be passive in life,” Stengel said. “If they want something then they have to go for it and earn it.”

Stengel has memes, inspirational quotes and pictures with former students hanging on her classroom walls.

“I give them Stengel life lessons,” she added. “A couple times a year, I’ll say, ‘this is a really important one.’”

A few of those life lessons include working hard, being responsible for their actions and knowing she is there for them, no matter what.

“I want them to come in this building and come in this classroom and know that I care about them and I love them,” Stengel said.

Originally from New Jersey, Stengel has been teaching at Begich Middle School for five years.

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