No one stole Benjamin Bowen’s car, but after the hassle thieves put him through Thursday, he says they might as well have.

Bowen told KTVA Sunday, his wife went for a quick day trip to Fairbanks Thursday, parking in the short-term parking garage at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, and returned to find their 2017 jeep grand Cherokee sitting on two jacks and a stump.

“It wasn't even there overnight… This took time, you know?" Bowen said. "A purse or some sunglasses, you can pop a window and get that quick, I know these dirtbags, they have no problem doing something like that, but to jack up a vehicle, leave it on jack stands and a block, and just leave? I mean that, I'm sure they can do it quickly, but that takes time. That takes longer than breaking a window and stealing something.

The car now sits in his driveway with brand new tires. Unexpectedly, out an extra $2,600 -- Bowen says it's bold, brazen crimes like this one that has many in the Anchorage community upset.

“It’s SB 91. It’s obvious. These guys know that they're gonna get away with a ticket,” said Bowen.

In a previous interview, former Anchorage district attorney Clint Campion told KTVA whether SB 91 actually favors criminals, that's how it's widely perceived.

“We hear it all the time in court. People are being arraigned, they're talking about Senate Bill 91. They believe that there is some benefit to them from SB 91,” said Campion.

Bowen says Airport Police are now working on the case, reviewing surveillance footage from the short-term parking garage. In the meantime, he’s left doubting the community he calls home.

“I moved here because I thought, you know, nice quiet place, if we decide to have kids it would be a good spot, and I'm beginning to rethink that,” said Bowen.

KTVA has reached out to Republic Parking, the company in charge of the lot, for comment, but has not yet heard back.