The Anchorage School District is taking a big hit to its budget this year, after failing to hit estimates on the number of students leaving the district.

School Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop says during last year's state count, which happens during the month of November, and over a 20-day period, the district estimated that it would lose about 270 students from the system.

Friday, the official numbers were released, and Bishop says, in fact, about 600 students are no longer part of the district.

This drop in the student count amounts to a $3.5 million hit to this year's budget. Bishop says they were simply off this year, and this is not typical.

"We are generally less than one percent difference in our estimate, so we're very good at them, but any amount, because students are the main drivers for the budget, it's critical that we get the number right," said the Superintendent.

This is not only happening here in Anchorage. She says this is being felt by other school districts, as well.

"People are leaving Alaska, we believe, because generally if it's in the same area with work, they tend to move to the Kenai or move to the Valley, but all three school districts along this road system are feeling the same pinch," said Bishop.

The district does have millions more in an emergency fund and could tap into if the district needed to.