Some Iditarod mushers are calling for an independent investigation into Dallas Seavey’s dogs’ drug test.

Four of his dogs tested positive for the banned substance Tramadol, an opioid pain reliever. Seavey denies giving the drug to his dogs and believes he’s the target of sabotage.

Mushers Jeff King and Rick Casillo stand by Seavey.

Casillo thinks someone intentionally gave Seavey’s team Tramadol. He’d like to see an independent investigation by a panel separate from Iditarod board members.

“He has to have his name cleared. I understand the Iditarod has not charged him with anything, he was quite able to sign up and run the next race,” Casillo said. “But the bottom line is when your name is called out like that, you’re damn right you’re going to fight for your name. At the end of the day, that’s all you have is your word and your integrity.”

King would also like there to be an investigation. He said if Dallas was able to prove his side of the story, he would have done it already.

For King, all of the information released so far doesn’t add up.

“I have publicly stated that someone is lying," King said. "If it’s Dallas, he’s lying that he didn’t do it and he did. Then he has hoodwinked me and thousands of other people whose impression of him is the same as mine, which is, there’s no way."

Iditarod Trail Committee spokesperson Chaz St. George said, “Internally we don’t have any plans to further investigate.”

St. George said it would be up to the Board of Directors to decide to move forward with an investigation.

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