Drug enforcement officers made a big arrest on Monday, seizing nearly nine pounds of heroin from a Jewel Lake home with a street value of almost a million dollars.

According to charging documents released from the US Attorney's Office, the raid happened after the resident, identified as Cheng Saechao, accepted a package in the mail from California that contained more than nine pounds of methamphetamine.

Michael Root, a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, said the bust took a significant amount of drugs off the streets.

"When you are talking a million dollars worth of heroin hitting the street, we probably prevented up to half a dozen overdoses with the amount we took off," said Collins. "This amount of heroin and methamphetamine won't just stay around Anchorage, it will go to Wasilla, it will go to Palmer, it will head to Fairbanks, the North Slope, it will affect the whole state."

Drug teams consisting of both federal, state and local officers have made several big drug busts in recent months, according to US Attorney Stephan Collins. In February, Collins said, officers seized one of the state's largest quantities of methamphetamine, ever-- 24 pounds-- from an east-side apartment.

But, if anything, Collins said, the amount of drugs entering the state is growing. Meth and heroin are coming from Mexico, according to Collins, and other drugs, as well.

"Cocaine seems to be coming back, crack seems to be coming back," said Collins. "I don't want to be doom and gloom, but the reality is, we've seen more drugs in my own experience, in the last 26 years, the quantities of drugs seem to be increasing."

Michael Root said his agency will continue to focus their efforts on dealers and removing drugs from the street, but, he said the public has a part to play as well.

"We are going to put the biggest violators in jail," said Root. "But, we also need to work on the other aspect, getting people so they are not out there buying these drugs and making a market for them."

Root said as long as there's demand in Alaska, the flood of drugs is likely to continue.

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