Las Vegas is Michael Daffenberg's hometown. He struggles with the fact that visitors to his hometown lost their lives in the country music festival shooting. Daffenberg wanted to show the families of those who died that night, he cares about them and their loved ones. So he and 57 other people jumped in their jeeps and drove around Vegas streets with American flags, each flag representing one person who died in the shooting.

Over the weekend, KTVA reported on that memorial ride, organized by the Silver State Wranglers Jeep Club. Jeep Club member Webe Webowitz drove with a flag representing Alaskan Adrian Murfitt. She then mailed that flag to Anchorage and chaplains presented the flag to Adrian Murfitt's mother.

KTVA learned that Daffenberg chose Alaskan Dorene Anderson's flag.

"I was drawn to that one," Daffenberg told KTVA Wednesday night.  

He says he has always wanted to visit the state.

"I wanted to do something so badly and then this came up and I just seized the opportunity," he said.

Daffenberg says people waved and cheered as the group of jeeps drove around Las Vegas, including on the strip.

"It was very humbling," he said. "In retrospect, after it was all over, I felt a huge sense of honor. I was honored to have the privilege to fly the flag for Dorene."

Daffenberg says on Wednesday night, he heard from Anderson's family. He says they were appreciative of what he did for Dorene.