A mother is being sought in the death of her 2-year-old daughter from malnutrition earlier this year, after she was provided only fluids and found unresponsive.

Police spokesman MJ Thim said afternoon that police were seeking 36-year-old Stephanie Hamburg, as a suspect in the criminally negligent homicide of Gabriella Marlow.

Officers initially responded to a May 10 report from the 9500 block of Brayton Drive that Marlow had been found unconscious. She was taken to the hospital and died; police subsequently discovered she hadn’t been taken to the hospital since she was 9 months old.

Marlow had been provided only whole milk and occasionally Dr. Pepper by Hamburg and her boyfriend 41-year-old Timothy Hulsey. Thim said the child's death was discovered to be a result of malnutrition.

"They believed that this was just a stage that [Marlow] would outgrow it, and that was just not the case," Thim said. "The child needed medical attention. The child had not been to the doctor since she was 9 months old. Had they taken the child to the doctors they would have been given some solid advice on what to do and how to provide proper nutrition to their child. They did not do this, this was wrong, their child is dead, it could have been prevented and they're responsible.”

In the hours after the news of charges against her broke, two videos were posted to Hamburg’s Facebook page, showing a child eating. A third video was posted showing the child crying while adults laughed. Those videos have since been removed. A GoFundMe account that had been created after Marlow's death to raise money for a funeral was also shut down.

Husley was arrested Wednesday and held at the Anchorage Jail. Both he and Hamburg face charges including criminally negligent homicide.

Hamburg stands 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes. Anyone who sees her should call police at 907-786-8900, or contact Anchorage Crime Stoppers at 907-561-STOP or its website.

Liz Thomas and Daniella Rivera contributed information to this story.

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