An energetic 15-month-old Kaiden Bobich eagerly inspected KTVA’s camera as his mother, Cassandra -- who asked that her last name be excluded from this report -- sat down for an interview. Kaiden may not remember 29-year-old Ian Bobich, but he knows what his dad looked like. 

“He can actually pick his father out in a picture, which is heartwrenching,” said Cassandra.

Bobich was shot and killed outside an apartment building in Government Hill on Oct. 24, 2016. He is one of 34 people who became homicide victims last year, a record for Anchorage. The case is now one of three 2016 homicides that remains unsolved, according to Anchorage Police. 

“A lot of people say time makes everything better, but I really feel like it's made it harder, especially with no answers,” Cassandra told KTVA through tears. 

When KTVA last spoke with the family, Kaiden was just 3 months old. Now, his first birthday has come and gone, and Cassandra knows it’s only a matter of time before he has questions about his dad, as his older half-brother, Bobich’s other son, already does. 

“I can't tell my son what's happened or how it happened or tell him that they caught the bad guys,” said Cassandra. 

She’s been staying in Ohio, where she lived with Bobich previously but returned to Alaska to visit the place where Bobich died on the one year anniversary of his murder. 

Bobich’s family maintains that they don’t know why he was outside of the apartments on Elm Street the night he was killed. Cassandra says he had left home to pick up baby formula for Kaiden and never came home. 

“We just want answers. Somebody saw something, somebody heard something, somebody knows something. We just need them to come forward so that we can heal a little bit,” said Maureen Costello, Bobich’s mother. 

They’re hoping a $5,000 reward through crime stoppers will generate new leads.

Anchorage Police communications director MJ Thim says the department will gladly take the help.

“Money does change a lot of things, and so, when you dangle a carrot of a reward, it tends to spark conversations with people and really may have someone come forward who wasn't quite comfortable coming forward before,” Thim explained. 

Thim said there are no updates to share on the investigation, but it remains active and a priority for APD’s homicide detectives. 

If you have any information, you can report it anonymously at the Anchorage Crime Stoppers website.