The Alaska Sudan Medical Project is an Alaskan group saving lives in South Sudan by building a better health-based infrastructure, and they need your help to make their next trip a successful one.

Jessi Curtis and Nyachan Chuar, who work on-site with the project, joined Daybreak Tuesday to discuss their work.

"We work to develop public health infrastructure," said Curtis, of the work they do in Sudan. "We drill water wells, develop sanitation and work with families to start gardens and farms, and we also built a health care clinic."

Recent strife in the region has caused a surge of refugees to assemble in the area, making the work the project does that much more important.

Fundraising is the Alaska Sudan Medical Project's main concern at this time, as they are looking to raise more than $8,000 to cover travel expenses as well as time on the ground.

To learn more about the project head to, or to donate to their cause visit