It is a question you probably asked or answered on Monday, "How was your weekend"? For the family of injured Anchorage firefighter Ben Schultz, the answer is different than most. The family describes it as a typical weekend with a "huge" twist. That is what they said on the CaringBridge website.

The family says after four weeks in ICU at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, and several surgeries, Ben was flown out to Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado for rehabilitation on July 6.

On Saturday, the family says, Ben got to go on an outing with his wife and kids to downtown Denver's "16th avenue."

Ben is currently in a wheelchair. The family walked around and stopped at a Red Robin restaurant. They later bought freshly made mini-donuts from a street vendor.

"How much fun is that," said their CaringBridge entry.

After that, it was off to the Denver Zoo where the zoo was open after dark with Halloween decorations, live music and jugglers.

On Sunday Ben watched his children play at a local park. And later, for the first time since the accident, Ben and his wife went to dinner by themselves.

Ben continues his therapy, which includes working out on a treadmill that suspends him while walking. On Friday the family said Ben walked for a full 30 minutes.

In a CaringBridge entry from Monday, Oct. 23, the family discussed more of Ben's treatment.

"Ben is doing so well that his inpatient discharge date is coming up in a few weeks," the entry read.

Schultz's family also discussed the next steps of his outpatient and transitional living -- where that might take place.

KTVA was told that a report on the accident that injured Schultz is complete, but have not heard from the Anchorage Fire Department with details on when that will be released.

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