In less than a week, a video showing a moose attacking a Prius has gone viral.

Alberta Laktonen first posted the video on her Facebook page on Friday, Oct. 20. The original post was shared hundreds of times before she uploaded an edited clip to YouTube, which now has more than 26,000 views.

Laktonen said she saw the moose in her neighbor’s yard as she was taking her dog for a walk. She returned home to find the rutting moose had done about $5,600 in damage to her car before turning its attention to her mailbox.


Ken Marsh, a spokesperson for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said that’s typical “demonstrating” behavior, especially for a young bull.

“Basically it means their hormones are raging and they have this need to show off and show how tough they are,” Marsh explained.

He said the rutting season can go on through December.

In the video, Laktonen can be heard trying to shoo the bull away.

“Oh my God! Stop!” she shouted.

Marsh advises people to steer clear of rutting moose.

“They can be really hard to scare off when the hormones are surging, the testosterone is up and they’re wanting to beat something up," Marsh said. "If you draw their attention they might come after you."