Dillingham versus Ninilchik in high school volleyball. However, this match does not take place at either school.

Lumen Christi High School is the site for this contest, as the school hosts its annual "Spiketacular Tournament." Once again, it's small schools from around the state who hit the courts.

"They don't get a lot of opportunities the big schools get, and it provides our off-road teams like Dillingham, Unalaska, Cordova to come in to town and compete against teams they would not otherwise get to compete against," said Lumen Christi athletics director, Billy Hunt, as to why his school started the event.

This year's tournament features 20 teams-- a far cry from the eight who competed when the "Spiketacular" first took place. Coaches said they like what tournament offers their teams.

"With a lot of teams being remote, it was very helpful to see those teams kind of all at once, and kind of compare how your competition was," Susitna Valley head coach Chad Valentine said.

Players have other reasons for why they like to come to lumen Christi for the event.

"It's a lot of fun, I like getting to play other teams and showing them what Glennallen can do," said Anna Lorence of Glenallen High School.

The other teams also like to show what they can do.