Anchorage Police arrested a man early Saturday morning who they say stole a man's car at gunpoint.

Just before 2:30, police were notified by the victim of an armed carjacking at the intersection of Elmore and Lore Roads.

Police say two suspects, one male, one female, approached the driver of a black 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 and forced the victim from the truck at gunpoint. 

The victim called police and provided the make, model and license plate number. A short time later, the stolen truck was found at a traffic light at Lake Otis and Dowling, and officers were able stop the vehicle down the road at Dowling and C Street. 

The male driver, identified as 36-year-old Noe Bravo, was taken into custody and charged with vehicle theft 1, robbery 1 and operating under the influence.

Police say there was no one else in the car with Bravo at the time of his arrest.