President Trump has made it no secret that he is working to get rid of Obamacare but a group of Alaskans who call themselves, "Protect Our Care", say the Affordable Health Care Act isn't dead yet.

On Thursday, about a dozen people showed up sporting signs accusing the President of trying to sabotage health care and the open enrollment process.

Amber Lee, director of Protect Our Care said Trump is trying to gut the program with a recent executive order that canceled subsidies to insurance companies, which could keep rates lower and took funding from Navigator positions which help people sign up. Lee said the President wants to scrap the plan without offering a replacement.

"It's getting rid of healthcare that people have," said Lee. "It's increasing the federal deficit and it's not providing health care for anyone.
She added, "it's going to be specifically harmful for Alaskans."

Lee said the group supports work that Sen. Lisa Murkowski is doing on a bi-partisan solution that would keep subsidies to insurance companies in place. She said Alaskans who qualify should enroll in the Marketplace for coverage. Open enrollment begins November 1 and runs through December 15 for coverage that begins on January 1.