Anchorage Police say they haven't stopped looking for Brandy Nolcini. It's been almost one week since she escaped custody, while still wearing the handcuffs she was placed in.

One of the last times police saw her was near North Flower Street and Thompson Avenue.

The whole incident started when police pulled over a car in which Nolcini was a passenger in. They quickly learned that she had a warrant out for her arrest.

Court records show that Nolcini was arrested several times since last month, including one arrest at the Mat-Su Federal Credit Union in Eagle River. Employees at the branch were not allowed to talk to the media.

After she was arrested again in the Mountain View traffic stop, police say she started to complain about being sick and then asked for medical attention. She then managed to slip out of one cuff then ran.

"The officer caught up to Brandy," said Renee Oistad, APD spokesperson. "They got into a physical altercation. Brandy was able to knock the officer down and took off. We have not been able to locate Brandy since that time."

Oistad explained how it was possible for Nolcini to free one of her wrists.

"There are some folks, that due to their joints, they're able to manipulate their joints, double jointed, in other words, to slip cuffs. It appears that Brandy has that ability," she said.

Nolcini faces several charges in her latest arrest including resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. The department says she has been involved in multiple vehicle thefts in the Anchorage area.

According to court records, she currently has four misdemeanor charges and one felony charge.

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