Less than six months after animal control in the Valley was called to help search for a missing python, another caller is asking for help -- this time to re-home an alligator.

The Wasilla Animal Control got the unusual call Monday. The owner said they thought the 4-foot gator was too big to handle and needed to find it a new home.

The Wasilla Police Department posted on Facebook about the unusual story and said the reptile was safely relocated to Valley Aquatics & Reptile Rescue.

Sheridan Perkins, the owner of Valley Aquatics & Reptile Rescue says the previous owners named the gator "Allie" thinking it was a girl, but Allie is actually a male. She said they're thinking of renaming him "Boots."

Perkins said this will be Allie's permanent home unless a place like the zoo wanted to adopt him.

Allie is believed to be not much older than 3 years old. Perkins says he loves to be held by the handlers and seems to be very happy.

"He is so spoiled," Perkins said. "He's getting some moose meat tomorrow."

Allie can be visited at the reptile rescue anytime between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

WPD said it's not illegal to have an alligator as a pet, so the owner was not cited. Animal control occasionally gets calls about exotic birds but says this was the first time they've dealt with an alligator.

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