On this Travel Tuesday, we have a breaking announcement from Alaska Airlines. Scott Habberstad with Alaska Airlines joined us to reveal the news.

"It is Freight for Less,", announced Habberstad. 

It is a new perk available to Club 49 Members, which is available through Alaska Airlines. It will help reduce the cost of shipping all over Alaska significantly.

"Alaskans, we love to travel in state and we love to ship," said Habberstad.

The Freight for Less perk will let you ship up to 100 pounds for just $10 if you are traveling somewhere in the state within 24 hours. If you would like to use the cheaper shipping but aren't going on a trip, they will let you ship up to 400 pounds as a customer for only $40. This is great for those who love to send items, especially food, to others across Alaska.

Items not allowed to be shipped are:

- Collect shipments

- Commercial shipments

- Live animals

- Cash or items of extraordinary value (such as gold or gems)

For all of the information, head to Alaskaair.com or alaskaair.com/cargo.