Anchorage's new police chief, Justin Doll, engaged in a candid discussion about all the Anchorage crime happening right now, but also, he shared some details about himself and the department's relationship with the media. 

Doll grew up in Alaska after moving here with his family from Oregon in the mid-1980s. He served six years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, stationed in Anchorage. Dan Sullivan, now a U.S. Senator, was Doll's platoon leader at the time.

Chief Doll's law enforcement career started in the mid-1990s while looking through the newspaper.  

"I actually saw a job advertisement in the newspaper. It seemed like it was something kind of different every day. I spend a lot of time skiing in the mountains, sort of doing adventurous stuff in my teens and early 20s, and so, it kind of seemed to fit with that the things I've done in the military, so I applied and got hired," said the chief.

Doll has worked in many areas of APD, including SWAT, as a bomb technician, homicide and robbery-assault detectives units, the impaired driving unit and as a motorcycle officer for several years.  

"It was a blast. It was probably the most fun job I've had at APD," said Doll, of working in the motorcycle unit.

In his off time, Doll says he enjoys fishing, saying his biggest fish was a halibut around 180 pounds. But, he jokingly didn't say where he landed that lunker. 

"I can't tell you exactly because that's our secret halibut spot," said the chief.

Chief Doll also talked about what he thinks is driving a lot of crime and what he thinks can help curb it. Further, Chief Doll discussed the department's relationship with the media. Those two reports can be seen this Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 and 10 p.m. on KTVA 11.

Chief Doll also will join KTVA Thursday night for a Town Hall discussion regarding the state's opioid addiction epidemic. You can watch on KTVA after the game, or watch online at or on Facebook beginning at 7:30.

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