An Anchorage man has been found guilty of murder, in the shooting of a neighbor following an overheard argument more than three years ago.

Jurors in the second-degree murder trial of Talon Draper, 23, reached their decision Friday following the Jan. 7, 2014 shooting of Jermaine Twiley at a Mountain View apartment complex.

Police at the time said Draper admitted to shooting Twiley, after overhearing an argument between Twiley and his girlfriend in their third-floor apartment. When Draper -- who was 19 at the time -- stepped outside his apartment holding a rifle and saw Twiley running away, he ordered Twiley to stop then fired on him.

Twiley was struck in the head and later died of his injuries, leading prosecutors to upgrade initial assault charges against Draper.

Marcelle McDannel, Draper’s public defender, said Friday that she would seek a mistrial because Draper wasn’t able to participate in his own defense due to worsening post-traumatic stress disorder throughout the trial.

Draper was initially taken to the Alaska Psychiatric Institute for evaluation, McDannel said, because sending him to jail could worsen his PTSD beyond evaluators’ ability to determine his mental state.

The murder count carries a possible sentence of two to 99 years.

Editor's note: An initial version of this story inaccurately stated the date of the 2014 shooting as March 4, not Jan. 7.

Jared Mazurek contributed information to this story.