Blake Bennett has a championship stride. The Anchorage Christian senior took second in this year's cross country state championship. The gallop extends to the spring too. He's the state's defending 800-meter track and field title holder.

"Running kind of keep me pretty focused and helps me to deal with stress and stuff," he said. 

This Lion, however, is about more than running fast. The focus is also on his studies.

"I got a 4.0 GPA and taking a couple college classes last year," he said.

Grades and sport are only part of the deal. He understands his role as the leader on the ACS team. 

"Been really cool getting to teach these guys a lot about running and just experience the first year of high school running with them which is good to see the enjoyment in them since I've been running for a while now," he said. "It's good to see the passion that gets everyone going." 

It hasn't gone unnoticed.

"So many of these (college) coaches are like, 'Hey, this kid's not only a good athlete, but he has a 4.0 or really good grades, so we want to give that kid a chance because we know he¹s going to do well at our school'", said Blake's coach Jason Hofacker.

Blake, meantime, is staying focused.

"Just trying to keep my grades up so I can get as much scholarship for college as possible," he said. 

Bennett is looking at a career in marine biology.