Students from the Northwest Arctic Borough School District are learning to build their own computers.

The middle school students from villages like Buckland and Kotzebue are in Anchorage for a two-week intensive course for ANSEP, the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program.

On Wednesday, instructors taught students how to construct their own PCs, installing the central processing unit, the motherboard and the power supply.

“The hardest part of building a computer would probably be listening and being able to do it just right,” said Kotzebue seventh-grader Cody Kramer.

His peer, sixth-grader Katelyn Piper, agreed.

“You have to make sure you put everything in correctly, or else your computer won’t work at all,” Piper explained.

Buckland sixth grade teacher Adam Nevinski, brought nine of his 14 students to Anchorage for the course. He said it’s a learning opportunity kids don’t usually get in rural areas.

“Being able to work on a computer, see the insides of it, learning all these new terms. They’re able to see what’s inside the technology they use and I thought it’s a great opportunity for them,” Nevinski said.

The students will be able to keep their computers as long as they maintain a C average in their math and science classes and complete Algebra I before high school.