Workers at Anchorage's Airport Post Office had an unusual visitor late Sunday: A large black bear that walked in an open door near the loading dock and got inside the building.

U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Dawn Peppinger said the post office was closed to the public, but about 75 employees were sorting mail inside the building when the bear entered around 11:30 p.m.

Peppinger said an employee contacted Airport Police and Fire officers, who responded right away. Employees took refuge in a safe area inside the building, while the animal climbed on a conveyor belt and ended up in the facility's compacting room for garbage.

Airport Deputy Police Chief Dave Schulling said several officers responded to the scene where they found 30 to 40 people near the bear. He said officers tried to corral the animal back outside without luck.

Ultimately the bear, estimated to weigh about 300 pounds, became a safety concern for employees and officers killed the animal.

Peppinger said no employees were hurt and the bear caused no damage, although mail processing was shut down for a short time until the situation was resolved.

KTVA's Lauren Maxwell contributed to this story.