A pair of sitting lawmakers are gathering signatures on a ballot initiative to cut back on legislative per diem spending.

Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott has given the go-ahead on the measure -- sponsored by Independent Rep. Jason Grenn of Anchorage, Sitka Democrat Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and Anchorage Republican Bonnie Jack.

The group, called Alaskans for Integrity, asserts that if lawmakers don't pass a budget on time, they shouldn't continue receiving per diem allowance.

The imitative needs 32,000 signatures from around the state in order to make it onto next year's ballot.

Grenn and Kreiss-Tomkins will not be allowed to collect money while in special session later this month. Grenn says the group will rely on Alaskans for help -- adding that he hopes the initiative will become citizen-lead.

Grenn says the group aims to have all signatures collected by Christmas Day.