A reindeer many Alaskans and tourists have spotted on the streets of downtown Anchorage has passed away, according to a sign found on her pen Sunday morning.

The note said 'Star' suddenly collapsed and died after going on a short walk with her owner Albert Whitehead, Saturday afternoon. As her light began to fade, he made sure to comfort her as best as he could.

"Talking, petting, and letting her know I was with her she quietly faded away," he wrote in the note posted on her pen.

Whitehead said they spend most of her last days together hanging out and letting her indulge in her favorite treats like grapes and mini wheats.

"May she always enjoy great pastures and meet many friends on her next journey," Whitehead wrote. "She will be really missed as she was a real Star."

The cause of death is unknown at this time. 

Star was 15 years old.