Anchorage animal-control officials say a heartwarming adoption has given them a new “spokescat,” and could also garner a $10,000 donation with Alaskans’ help.

The Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center submitted the tale of Linus, a lost female kitten with eye deformities, to the national Shelter Tales Contest run by the Hill’s brand of pet foods. The story of Linus being adopted by Sue, the center’s kennel supervisor, was listed among the contest’s top six tales based on readers’ votes; Hill’s will give $10,000 to the five highest-rated tales’ shelters.

“[Sue] took Linus home to foster her,” Animal Care officials wrote. “But Linus made it clear that Sue was hers and she had no intention of being adopted by anyone else! Now Linus and Sue go on adventures from Beluga Point to the Centennial Rose Garden with Linus in her stroller or on a harness and leash.”

Linus has since appeared on the center’s Facebook page, as a mascot for people to adopt other cats.

Voting is open until Oct. 11, and people can vote for Linus’ tale at its page on the contest site.