Snow is settling on the mountain tops and pretty soon we'll be seeing it on the streets. On Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, there's a team dedicated to ensuring even a heavy snowfall doesn't interrupt the military mission.

The 773rd Civil Engineer Squadron Snow Team has more than 100 members on call 24/7 during the winter.

"Without us, it couldn't get done,” said Tech Sgt. Eric Wilson. “People couldn't come to work. Planes wouldn't be able to take off."

The team held a parade of their massive vehicles Thursday. The event is a fun way to kick off the season, but also a safety reminder for the service members and families who call JBER home.

"They get to see how big our equipment is, so if they see us, then they can easily move out the way so we don't hit anyone. So, it's a caution thing,” said Wilson.

JBER has 83 heavy-duty snow removal vehicles. The 673rd Logistics Readiness Squadron spends the summer inspecting, repairing and prepping each vehicle for the next winter.

Together, the service members of the 673rd and 773rd ensure JBER keeps working when the flakes start flying.