Anchorage police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a female student headed to Clark Middle School Friday morning, in an apparently random attack.

The incident involving a man in a maroon Jeep, possibly a Wrangler, was reported at about 8:45 a.m. according to police spokesman MJ Thim.

“The preliminary investigation has found the student was waiting for the bus in the area of 16th Avenue and Klevin Street,” Thim wrote. “The suspect grabbed the student and tried to force the student into his vehicle. The student was able to get away and ran to the school to call for help.”

Thim said Friday afternoon that there was no indication the victim or suspect knew each other. He said the student "did the right thing" during the encounter.

"He drove up, asked her if she needed a ride and she said no," Thim said. "That's when he grabbed her and tried to drag her inside the vehicle; she fought hard, she kicked and she got away."

No stay-put or lockdown was planned at Clark, according to Anchorage School District spokeswoman Catherine Esary, but the principal was alerting parents Friday.

Police are still seeking the Jeep and the suspect, described by APD as a white male from 33 to 37 years old with blond hair, no top teeth and rashes on his arm. The suspect was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and gray or white tennis shoes. All of that information, Thim said, came from the victim's report.

"She was able to give us very vivid descriptions of what this guy looked like, from the teeth to the rashes to what he was wearing," Thim said.

Anyone with surveillance video from the area of the attempted abduction, or word on the Jeep or suspect's whereabouts is asked to call APD at 907-786-8900, or contact Anchorage Crime Stoppers at 907-561-STOP or through its website.

Heather Hintze contributed information to this story.

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