Aren’t you tired of it yet? Another mass shooting with assault weapons and everybody knows their roles and responsibilities.

The left will say it’s time again to talk about gun control. The right will say now is not the time. The press goes into overdrive. And the families of the victims get their moment of silence.

We’ve seen this movie before -- the Pulse nightclub, Sandy Hook,
Virginia Tech, and on it goes. Same storyline, same outcome.

We’re a violent culture with the capacity to tolerate a lot.

Nobody can explain why a civilian needs a semi-automatic assault rifle. Nobody can explain why it’s legal to modify such rifles into being fully automatic. They can’t explain why somebody needs a large capacity magazine. And nobody can explain the harm of background checks when you purchase a gun at a gun show.

These things cannot be explained because there is no logical explanation.

Gun advocates will take cover behind the second amendment, but our founding fathers never, ever, imagined this.

Polls will show, as they always do after shootings like this, a large majority of Americans support an assault weapons ban. Even a majority of gun owners favor universal background checks. But those responsible gun owners are considered turncoats by the NRA, an organization which is increasingly less about protecting gun owners, and more about protecting the gun industry.

Do I support the second amendment? Yes, I do. I suspect a lot of the shooting victims in Las Vegas did too.

But for too many, you cannot support the second amendment, without going all in -- full metal jacket.

Of course, hardcore gun advocates don’t condone the actions of a madman like the Vegas gunman, but they won’t even support laws that would keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

Earlier this year, Congress passed, and President Trump signed a bill making it easier for the severely mentally ill to purchase a gun.

So, no wonder they don’t want to talk about it.

You know where you stand on this issue. There’s not even a debate in this country anymore.

Just a question -- aren't you tired of it yet?

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