Rangers are warning people to be particularly careful about bears if they plan to hike in the popular Glen Alps area of Chugach State Park.

Bear activity has closed a trail that connects the lower, overflow parking lot at Glen Alps, to the Powerline Pass trail. Ranger Ben Corwin said a brown bear is suspected of killing a moose just off the trail on Tuesday, although several other bears have been spotted in the area as recently as Wednesday.

"It's been reported that there was a sow black bear with cubs in the area, a cinnamon-faced black bear. Then it was reported there was a brown bear on the moose carcass, so there's bears moving through," said Corwin.

Corwin said the trail that connects to lower Powerline Pass from the parking lot is likely to remain closed for the next week, or until rangers can determine that the moose carcass has been cleaned up. He added hikers can still access the Powerline Pass trail from the upper parking lot.

Rangers are also cautioning people to keep their dogs on leashes when walking in the area.