Adrian Murfitt, 35, was one of the two Alaskans who died when a gunman opened fire on a country music concert Sunday night. Friends and family described him as a joyful guy who would go out of his way to make someone smile. Tuesday, Murfitt's friend Brian Mackinnon talked to CNN about what led up to holding his good friend in his arms as he died.

"I've never seen him that happy, to be honest," Mackinnon said about the final moments he and Murfitt shared.

Mackinnon said Murfitt really wanted this trip to the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas, but Mackinnon didn't think he could go. Without him knowing, Murfitt made sure his friend was going.

"I went to the bathroom and came back, and he showed me his phone, and he was like, 'I already bought you tickets and everything, you're going'".

Mackinnon told CNN Murfitt was looking forward to seeing Jason Aldean on stage. During the concert, he said they heard what sounded like fireworks, laughed about it and took a picture. Afterwards, they heard the bursts again, Murfitt looked back and a bullet hit him in the neck.

"We didn't know what was going on, yet," Mackinnon said. "But he fell backwards, and yeah, I just went down and the people he fell into thought he was just drunk, and I was like, 'no there's a big gash out of his neck'".

Murfitt started bleeding out and everyone started running, Mackinnon said.

"There was a fireman that came right next to me and then a doctor who came down on the other side of me and they did everything they could and the doctor even got hit while we were laying there and they had to go and I said, 'I understand, go,' and then he turned blue, and -- then another guy checked his pulse said he was dead and kept going," said Mackinnon.

Mackinnon said the shooting happened again, so he hopped the fence, but turned around.

"I went back," Mackinnon said. "I sat next to him, put his hat on, and just kind of waited."

The suspect, Stephen Paddock, killed 59 people and hurt at least 500 people during the mass shooting. Officials say it appeared Paddock killed himself when police broke into his room.

A GoFundMe page has been set up or Murfitt. It says the money raised will be used in part to bring Murfitt's body back to Alaska.

Joe Vigil contributed to this story

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