Adrian Murfitt, 35, was one of two Alaskans killed in the Las Vegas shootings. The Dimond High School grad and hockey player had lots of friends, according to one of his closest ones, Brian Montalbo.

"He's just one of those guys you love having around and hanging out with and having in your life," said Montalbo Monday afternoon, the day after he learned of Murfitt's death.

Montalbo said Murfitt had spent the summer commercial fishing in Bristol Bay. He said his friend was eager to team up with Alaskan friends and head to Vegas for some fun and country music.

"And he really loves country music and I know he was having a good time from the photos he posted," said Montalbo.

One of the last photos shows Murfitt with his good friend Brian MacKinnon at the concert. Montalbo says he believes Murfitt was one of the first to go down when the shooting began.

"That first burst of fire hit Adrian right away, hit him in the neck," said Montalbo, adding that the blast sunk both Murfitt and MacKinnon to the ground where MacKinnon held his wounded friend.

"Sitting cross-legged in the middle of gunfire [and] holding Adrian," said Montalbo. "[MacKinnon] said bullets were flying over his head, hitting people, hitting fences. It was just chaos, but he just sat there and held him and reassured him."

Murfitt didn't make it, and now friends are trying to cope with the loss.

Several have started a GoFundMe page. It says the money raised will be used in part to bring Murfitt's body back to Alaska.