Alaska Airlines has three new freighters the company says will bring more cargo to rural Alaska.

It converted the trio of Boeing 737-700 passenger planes into cargo planes.

Jason Berry, the managing director of cargo, said that’s the first time that’s ever happened for an aircraft of that kind.

Berry said the project was four years in the making. Alaska Airlines worked with a company in Israel to convert the planes.

The three freighters will replace the “combi” planes that accommodate both passengers and freight. The new aircraft can transport about 40,000 pounds of cargo, which is about 4,000 pounds more than the older fleet.

“So, every flight, there’s a little more cargo. Less waiting time, more reliability and there’s a better chance to make sure anything that’s planned to go we’re going to move it when it’s supposed to be there,” Berry said.

The first of the three aircraft is already in service and will fly to all of Alaska Airlines’ destinations around the state. The other two should be in service by the end of the year.