Summer road construction season is winding down as crews get ready to put some of the big projects on hold for the winter, according to DOT spokeswoman Shannon McCarthy.

The Seward Highway between Dimond and Dowling is a nearly $56 million project that includes widening the road and putting in three lanes in either direction. For most of the summer, drivers have been using the frontage roads while crews worked on the highway. Starting late Friday night, northbound traffic will come off the Brayton Drive frontage road and be routed back onto the highway, giving people a chance to try out the new road and a new bridge.

McCarthy said the highway isn't completely finished but crews want to leave it in good driving shape for the winter.

"We just want to make sure that everything is in place to use the facilities for the winter time. And to have it be pretty straightforward, easy to understand where to go," said McCarthy. "Then we'll come back in the spring and we will do the remaining work."

McCarthy said crews plan to open the southbound section of the highway within the next couple of weeks and concentrate on the frontage roads next spring. In addition, she said, drivers should be aware that the Dowling exits in both directions will be closed this weekend while crews do work on the Dowling Road roundabouts.

The northbound exit onto the highway at Lore Road will also close this weekend and remain closed for the next week.

McCarthy said other projects are wrapping up for the winter. The Glenn/Muldoon interchange will have evening lane closures for the next few weeks but construction should stop by the end of October.

Starting at 8 p.m. on Friday, the intersection of O'Malley and Lake Otis will close for construction. The intersection will reopen Monday morning, according to McCarthy. She said construction on O'Malley will continue next spring but stop for the winter in a few weeks time.