In an effort to help end childhood hunger, you're being asked to donate to The Children's Lunchbox, who provides food for low-income schools and weekend programs in Anchorage.

Ginger Okumoto, program manager of The Children's Lunchbox, and Kim Kovol, deputy director of Bean's Cafe and The Children's Lunchbox.

According to the program's representatives, 20 percent of children in Alaska may live in homes without enough food for them. The Children's Lunchbox helps those kids by sending them home with up to four shelf-stable meals over the weekend every Friday, in an effort to help them feel more secure.

The Hungry for More campaign is a nationwide campaign aimed at eradicating childhood hunger. In Anchorage, there are six Carrs/Safeway locations where you can now donate.  When you check out you may be prompted to donate to the Children's Lunchbox, and all of the proceeds go to support those children in need.