Lawmakers are supposed to head to Juneau for a special session next month, but one Anchorage representative is suggesting they stay in Anchorage.

Rep. Chris Birch (R-Anchorage) sent a letter to Walker asking him to consider amending his special session proclamation. Birch says holding hearings in Anchorage would not only save the state money but also cut costs for members of the public who want to participate. 

From my experience in local government, there's nothing that can really replace the face to face discussion and dialogue that happens in the public testimony and hearings," said Birch. "We're not talking about moving the capital, we're talking about a cost-savings, and permitting the public direct access to their legislature as they consider the important issues of anti-crime legislation and the governor's proposed income tax." 

Next month's special session will be the legislature's fourth one this year. It's scheduled to begin Monday, October, 23.