Three people were arrested in Kenai this week on kidnapping and assault charges after allegedly detaining and torturing a couple, in an ordeal which police say ended with the male victim escaping to find help.

All three suspects -- 31-year-old Alex Hawkins of Anchorage, and Kenai residents Kami Wright, 28, and Kenny Kitchen, 25 -- were charged with kidnapping and third-degree assault in the case, Kenai Police said in a statement. Hawkins and Kitchen face additional counts of first-degree sexual assault; Wright is also charged with misconduct involving weapons and controlled substances, as well as theft.

Just before 9 p.m. Monday, police responded to Strawberry Road after the escaped victim told a resident he had been "held against his will."

According to charging documents in the case, written by Lt. Ben Langham, the naked man also told the neighbor he had been assaulted by a black male using brass knuckles who had came to Kenai from Anchorage to sell drugs. The victim also stated his pregnant girlfriend was still at the house with the black male and was concerned for her safety.

Officers visited the home, where they received approval from Wright to search it. A black man, later identified as Alex Hawkins, was found asleep in an upstairs bedroom; he was taken downstairs for questioning.

Police also found an illegal sawed-off shotgun next to the bed where Hawkins was sleeping, as well as a silver handgun and some rifles in another bedroom. A stun gun-style cattle prod was found on the kitchen table, according to the charging documents.

Wright denied having any knowledge of the assault, Langham wrote. However, Wright told the officers that the male victim had been stealing from her and that she and Kitchen went to retrieve the stolen items. She said they met on a trail near the home, but the victim left soon afterward.

The victim's girlfriend told officers that her boyfriend's face was badly injured after being struck by Hawkins.

"[The girlfriend] stated [Hawkins] had punched [the male victim] in the face multiple times and estimated she could count eight times with a set of brass knuckles," Langham wrote.

Hawkins then allegedly ordered the male victim to take his clothes off at gunpoint, ordering him to the ground then kicking him in the face twice.

At one point, the girlfriend told investigators, Hawkins took out the cattle prod and shocked the victim in the abdomen. The girlfriend also stated that Hawkins struck the victim in the head with the butt of the gun.

Hawkins and Kitchen then performed cavity searches on the male victim and the girlfriend respectively, she told police, in an apparent check for drugs.

The incident came to an end, the girlfriend says, when police were spotted outside of the home and "everyone panicked." The girlfriend told police Hawkins made her write a letter denying she was being held against her will. She also told officers she thought the incident was happening "because of dope," and that she'd seen Hawkins come from Anchorage with a large amount of heroin.

When police spoke with Wright, she said she had taken a baseball bat and a flashlight to a tent near the home where the victims had been staying. She later heard someone tell the victims to remove their clothing but didn't know whether it was Hawkins or Kitchen.

"Wright stated that she walked away because she couldn't watch what was happening but was powerless to stop it," Langham wrote.

Hawkins told police that the male victim had emerged from the tent with the brass knuckles, according to Langham, and that he had punched the victim before he did anything with them. He admitted ordering the victims to strip, saying they didn't own the clothes they were wearing but denied having the handgun or using the knuckles or cattle prod on the male victim.

Police obtained a search warrant for the residence, Langham wrote, finding "distribution-level quantities" of methamphetamine and heroin, in addition to two scales.

Court records show Hawkins and Kitchen were arraigned in Kenai court Tuesday, and Wright was arraigned Wednesday. Public defenders were appointed for Hawkins and Kitchen.

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