It would be easy to call Taylor Dintzner a "go to guy" for Dimond football. He's always there.

"He's the only player I know in the entire state that has never missed a snap since he was a freshman," said head coach Nick Winkler.

The senior lineman has also added captain to that consistency.

"I know there are a lot of guys that need some direction, especially on the offensive line. I'm always there for them," said Dintzner.

He's been a first team all-conference and all-state honoree, but the awards don't stop there. He excels academically too.

Sporting a 4.0 GPA by taking AP courses since his sophomore year, Dintzner has also earned an academic letter and will graduate this spring with a seal of biliteracy. He studied abroad in Spain.

He's added another round of leadership to the resume. He works with special needs students serving as the President of the Dimond Partners Club.

He'll aim for business in college, but football is still a question mark. It's more about where he goes to school.

"I'm not sure if I'm pursuing football or not, but I'm definitely looking for a good college to help further my academic pursuits," he said.

His high school football career will end this weekend, but Taylor is just getting on his path-- and it appears lined with success.

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