Town Square Park in downtown Anchorage is about to get a facelift. The city has two new design plans for the park and they want to know which one you like the best.

For many years now, some people would avoid the park because it was less than safe. A place for everything from illicit drug dealing to public drunkenness, and even fights in the middle of the park. Now, the City is planning to add some new features to the park to make it more family friendly for all to enjoy.

Pete Burns is the general manager of a few downtown restaurants. He's has been pushing to get more people to enjoy the open space.

"We want them to be gravitated, something fun to do. The plans they got in place, you know, with the covered square with some kids playgrounds and stuff could bring more families, could bring more people down," said Burns.

Both concepts the City is considering include market space, as well as space for food trucks along E Street.

Concept design "A" features the addition of a large children's natural play area, as well as a larger covered stage for performances.

Concept design "B" is nearly similar to design "A". It includes a more traditional playground for kids, an accessible viewing area and outdoor game tables. Both concepts will reduce the size of the berms around the park to help cut down on illegal activities.

Burns is satisfied with both designs.

"Both of them have significant strengths," he said. "I don't see many weaknesses with either one of them. You know I'm excited that they're taking the initiatives to do something."

Kobuk Coffee Company co-owner Nina Bonito-Romine loves the new designs as well.

"I'm pretty excited about the change that are coming," said Bonito-Romine.

She went on to say, "I think it's long overdue. I think it will be a big positive for the whole community."

Bonito-Romine tells KTVA vagrancy got so bad at Town Square over the years, she put up a fence to protect her back patio. She hopes the new designs make the park a bit safer.

"It brings the berms down so that people can see all the way through the park. So, if you're on 6th Avenue, you can see what lies across on 5th Avenue."

Now the City wants your help in deciding which concept will turn Town Square back into a park the town can be proud of.

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