The FBI's annual Uniform Crime Report confirms a trend neighbors and business owners complained to lawmakers about at a town hall meeting Monday. Crime is on the rise in Alaska. 

According to the report's "crime clock," there is a case of larceny, or petty theft, every 29 minutes in the state; a burglary every two hours; a vehicle theft every three;  a robbery every 10 hours, and -- on average-- a murder once a week.

The more than 500-page report shows Alaska is going against the national trend when it comes to theft -- in all areas.

The state ranks higher than national averages for burglary and motor vehicle theft. It's also seen a recent uptick in robbery and larceny. 

In Anchorage, there were more than 15,000 cases of theft in 2016. Overall, the Anchorage Police Department reports more than $33 million worth of stolen property. 

KTVA reached out to APD about these numbers but was told no one was available to discuss them Tuesday. 

At a town hall on crime Monday evening, the president of the police union told neighbors that Senate Bill 91 has changed how officers respond to lower level crimes. 

"There has been a staffing shortage for quite some time and we're working on that," added Sgt. Brian Wilson, President of APDEA. "And you'll hear numbers thrown out like 400 officers, and I love that. I wish that we had 400 functioning officers. What we have is people in different levels of training."

Wilson says there will be a new batch officers coming out of training in late-October.