Dimond's season will not end with a title this year. There will be no playoff appearance. The campaign opened with a promising start and a 34-23 win over Lathrop in Fairbanks. Since then, the Lynx have lost six straight. It will come to a close next Saturday at Bartlett.

But, the Lynx scored a huge win anyway. 

Two of their managers, Nick Hill and Jared Hall, finally did more during the Lynx' game with South Saturday night-- they played. Both Nick and Jared are special needs youngsters. 

They approached head coach Nick Winkler with the idea of getting in the game on Friday.

"They're both in my classroom and I love them a lot. They work really hard," said Winkler. "They mean a lot to the boys on the team, too."

So the coach was in. 

They agreed upon it at halftime and suited up. 

And sealed it in the fourth quarter. 

With South leading by 10 and only a few seconds remaining, Dimond had the ball and was on the move.

On a play called 'Roy Wildcat reverse," Lynx quarterback Nick Horning handed off to Nick, who wore number nine. He, in turn, gave it to number eight, Jared.

But, the exchange wasn't clean. The ball hit the turf. No worries, as the quarterback picked it up and handed it back to Jared, who took off for the end zone for a short run-- but not before spinning.

"I didn't know when I was going to get a chance to score a touchdown. It actually happened. So my dreams came true," said Jared.

South knew the play was coming and did not pursue. Jared celebrated in the end zone with his teammates. A few Wolverines came over to congratulate him, too. 

In the end, a late-season game which didn't mean much turned out to mean much more; it ended up producing a memory that will last a lifetime.

What a win.