The Potato Dig has become a tradition at Huffman Elementary School. Every year, students plant potatoes and sometimes carrots in the spring, tend to them all summer and harvest them in the fall.

Friday was harvest day at the school and more than 300 students took part, digging in the dirt and revealing hidden treasures. Last year, students pulled 1,600 pounds of produce from the ground. Like every year, it was donated to Bean's Cafe.

Bean's Director Lisa Sauder, who was on hand at the school on Friday, said the fresh veggies make a big difference in the regular diet of Bean's clients.

"It really has a huge impact for us," said Sauder. "We do serve over 900 meals a day and this really goes a long way to helping us. And, of course, there is nothing better than fresh Alaska-grown produce."

Huffman students aren't the only ones growing potatoes for Beans. The cafe accepted a load of produce from Elizabeth Ann Seton students on Friday. Sauder said the non-profit is happy to accept any extra produce that gardeners have on hand.