Miss Alaska recently had an historic showing at the Miss American competition. Angeline Klapperich, a lifelong Wasilla resident, placed in the top 15 -- and is only the second Alaskan to do so. 

“All the girls are so talented and smart and motivated and I knew any of the girls would be capable of being Miss America,” Klapperich said.

Klapperich also took home one of the competition’s most popular titles.

“[I was] honored to be selected as Ms. Congeniality, selected by the girls as to who they feel was trying to reach out and make people feel comfortable," she added.

Klapperich’s platform is, ‘Be Compassionate! Every person fights a personal battle.’ It is a message she’s trying to spread among Alaska’s young people and will work to promote in the year ahead.

“I feel like you look at the suicide rates, domestic violence rates in Alaska and I feel like a lack of compassion is what contributes to that,” Kapperich added. “I’m excited with my degree in psychology to be able to teach more about how to implement compassion in your life.”

Klapperich wants to be very involved in the year ahead, with big plans for outreach.

“I want to go to some of our Native villages, make it to Nome for the end of the Iditarod, make it to the Capitol to speak with our legislators,” Klapperich. “Continue to promote the message of compassion."

Next week, Klapperich will be in Anchorage schools talking about suicide prevention. To learn more about her platform, visit her Facebook page.