As Mexico deals with its second major earthquake in the last two weeks, some Mexicans who now call Alaska home are keeping up with all the latest news about their homeland, family and friends.

Inocenceai Flores works at a Mexican restaurant in town. Although she's here, her heart, thoughts and prayers are with the people back home.

A flood of emotions hit her when she first heard the news about Tuesday's powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

"I sad, I cry, yeah," said Flores. who admittedly speaks limited English.

She moved to Anchorage only four years ago. She says her parents live not too far from Puebla, the epicenter of the earthquake. At last count, some 40 buildings are reported to have collapsed, and the death toll is over 200 people. That number is expected to rise in the upcoming days.

Her first call home after the shaking stopped was a major relief for her.

"My mom house, my dad house, yeah I called, they say, 'I'm fine,' and I'm fine, too because I listen to them."

Flores went on to say that her brother is a mechanic and his business suffered just minor damage.

"Just broken lamps. That's it. They are good."

The quake fell on the thirty-second anniversary of the Mexico City Quake of 1985 which killed more than 5000 people. Flores survived that quake as a 10-year-old child. It's a day she still remembers vividly.

"My mom make the breakfast for us, but it's 7:30 in the morning and the dishes in my kitchen, it's 'boom, boom, boom' and go on the floor," said Flores

Back then she knew several people killed in the quake. This time around not one person she knows has been hurt or killed.

"No, no. Thank God no," she said gratefully.

Still with her heart is 4800 miles away, she's hoping Mexico City gets the help it needs from a world dealing with so many of its own natural disasters.