It's a different day, but many of the faces are the same. On Tuesday, dozens of Alaskans rallied downtown, urging Alaska senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan to vote 'No' on the latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act in Washington.

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They're some of the same Alaskans who've been speaking out about the measure for months. Shelly Vendetti-Vuckovich is one of them.

Vendetti-Vuckovich is the legal guardian of 9-year-old Claire -- who's legally blind and developmentally disabled. She says losing some Medicaid coverage could be devastating.

"That's what that would mean, that difference between life and death," Vendetti-Vuckovich said.

The biggest problem, she says, is that coverage of Claire's prescriptions to prevent seizures may become optional under current proposals.

"If we lost that medication, 7,000 [dollars] a month. We would be in the E.R. every day because she quits breathing," Vendetti-Vuckovich said.

Now, she says, Claire's on the right track. She goes to school and she's even formed a special bond with Athena, another disabled child who's mute -- the first friend either one has ever had.

"You know, I see a lot of support out there, but I also see people shaking their heads because they're looking at the bottom line," Vendetti-Vuckovich said. "And, how do you look at the bottom line and the dollar signs when you're looking at a child?"

By spending the time sharing her story, Vendetti-Vuckovich hopes lawmakers will spend the money on services, she says, kids like Claire and Athena desperately need.

KTVA reached out to Murkowksi and Sullivan Tuesday to understand where they stand on the measure. KTVA was told Murkowski was unavailable and did not receive a response from Sullivan's office.