There's hope on the horizon, and maybe a dome too.

After an eight-month layoff, the Dome, one of Anchorage's most recognizable landmarks, could be returning soon. In late January, its roof collapsed leaving many groups, literally out in the cold. The UAA indoor track and field team was one.

But on Friday, the Seawolves were at the Dome helping install a new roof. Actually, it was replacement fabric.

"We use the facility all the time, so, it kind of made sense to come back and help out because they needed it," said junior sprinter D'Rhema Alston.

Alston was joined by another former Dimond High School teammate, senior sprinter Darrion Gray. When the Dome deflated last winter it forced UAA into plan B.

"Part of the season we had the Dome to train in, then, we had to switch everything, had it all taken away, just find another way to get it done," said Gray.

Much of their equipment is waiting to be rediscovered.

"Just think of it this way, it's a time capsule, everything that was there when it went down is still there," said Dean Cagle of Davis Constructors and Engineers.

The Seawolves won't know about the equipment's condition but are glad they may soon have a familiar place to train again.

The Dome could reopen by early November.