Eligible Alaskans will receive $1,100 in this year’s Permanent Fund dividends when they’re distributed in October, confirming the amount at which they were capped by state lawmakers in July.

The state’s Permanent Fund website officially listed the amount Friday, a stark departure from previous announcements which have typically been made by Gov. Bill Walker and his predecessors.

Lawmakers in the state House had hoped to restore $700 million in funding to double dividend checks during capital-budget negotiations this summer, but that amount was stripped from the final budget bill in a conference committee.

Last year, Walker vetoed roughly half of the funds slated to pay out dividends, resulting in $1,022 dividend checks. State Sen. Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage) sued Walker and the state over that reduction, appealing an initial ruling against the suit, but the Alaska Supreme Court upheld Walker’s ability to veto the funds last month.