Months of texts in which a man allegedly negotiated rates for sex with children led to his Anchorage arrest this week, after federal authorities say he had been corresponding with an undercover officer.

Danny Ray Lowe is charged with attempted sex trafficking and attempted online enticement of a minor, according to federal court documents.

A complaint against Lowe, written by FBI Special Agent Jolene Goeden, said that the case began with a March 27 post on a personal-ad website, in which the officer – posing as a woman – fictitiously said two younger relatives who had recently arrived in town were “nymphos.”

On the same day of the post, a person later identified as Lowe texted the officer to ask if he was “too late” to respond to the offer. The officer responded that the relatives were girls, aged 13 and 14 respectively.

Over the ensuing months, Goeden wrote, Lowe sent a photo of himself, sporadically texting to ask for more details on the girls and whether the officer was affiliated with law enforcement. After discussing several possible dates for the encounter, the two eventually agreed on a price of $150 for Lowe to have sex with both girls for two hours.

On Tuesday, the officer set up a meeting at a local hotel room with Lowe.

“[The officer] reiterated the sex acts would be oral and vaginal sex and [Lowe] needed to bring condoms and lubricant in addition to the money,” Goeden wrote.

“[Lowe] responded ‘That’s right’ with a smiley face emoji.”

Agents waited for Lowe to knock on the door of the agreed hotel room, then took him into custody.

In an interview with investigators, Goeden said Lowe waived his Miranda rights and admitted that he had visited the website looking for a “random hookup.”

“Lowe asserted numerous times in the interview he really wanted to have sex with the woman (the officer had been portraying),” Goeden wrote. “It was pointed out to him that the text messages did not support that claim.”

Goeden said Lowe subsequently provided investigators his cellphone and its passcode, admitting that he had been referring to the young girls.

Lowe’s pickup truck was impounded by Anchorage police. A search of the vehicle, Goeden said, found “four condoms, lubricant and $170.”

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story said the meeting in which Lowe was arrested occurred Wednesday, not Tuesday.