The manager of a local Subway store where an armed carjacking happened Tuesday night said the incident shook up staff and customers.

Arcy Commor has worked at the Subway on Northway Drive since 2009. She said the victim in Tuesday’s carjacking is a regular customer who stopped in for a sandwich around 7 o'clock that evening.

When the woman left the store, Commor said she was approached by a man, now identified by police as 28-year-old Michael Stampo. Stampo reportedly demanded the woman’s purse and keys, then fired a shot into the ground when she refused.

"We heard the gunshot and we start looking out. I said something's wrong with the lady,” said Commor.

She said the woman came running back into the store while Stampo took off in her vehicle, a Subaru Forrester.

"She was crying she was so scared and even me, all of us,” said Commor. “We had two customers at that moment and we were scared. We were so scared."

A tip led police to Stampo later Tuesday evening. One of the squad cars rammed the stolen Subaru near 5th Avenue and Concrete Street to get him to stop. Stampo reportedly tried to flee on foot, but a police dog helped apprehend him.      

Now he's in custody and Commor says she's grateful to police.

"We were scared yesterday but we're really thankful that nobody got hurt. That's what matters,” she said.

Commor told KTVA this was the first time they've had a carjacking but she said the store is considering extra security measures to keep staff and customers safe.

"At our work, we always make sure safety first, for our employees and especially our customers,” she said.

Sampo faces a number of charges, including robbery, assault and reckless driving.

The officer who rammed Sampo's stolen vehicle to get him to stop was not hurt in the crash.